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Theme Speaker
March 10th Orientation, Major Issues and Tasks of Mental Health Policy in Korea Suk-joon Yoon, Dean of the Korea Univ Graduate School of Public Health
March 17th Future Prospects of the COVID-19 Pandemic Jae-hoon Jeong, Professor of the Gachon Univ Preventive Medicine
March 24th Medical Information Protection and Utilization Plan: Current Status and Tasks Kyeong-ho Lee, Professor of the Korea Univ Graduate School of Cybersecurity
March 31st Northeast Asian Situation, Prospects and Inter Korean Relations in the Era of US-China Conflict Seong-Wook Nam, Professor of the Korea Univ Graduate School of Public Administration
April 7th US Monetary Policy and Korea's Economic Prospects Jin-Il, Kim Professor of the Korea Univ Economics
April 14th Development direction of the National Health Insurance System in Korea(Focusing on the function and role of the insurer) Do-tae Kang, President of National Health Insurance Corporation
April 21st Meeting of the 5th KSPH Academy -
April 28th Understanding and Development Direction of Long-Term Care Insurance System Seong-il Yang, 1st Vice Minister of Health and Welfare
May 5th Children's Day -
May 12nd What is Essential Health Care? Dae-seok Heo, head of NECA Patient-Centered Medical Technology Optimization Research Center

May 19th

Korea's Health Policy as seen by the Media Seong-sik Shin, JoogAng Ilbo Welfare Reporter

May 26th

Understanding the Labor-Management Environment in Korea Ji-soon Park, Dean of the Korea Univ Graduate School of Labor Studies
June 2nd Understanding French Popular Music(Chanson) Han Seung Koh, Chanson Singer
June 9th Challenges left by the COVID-19 pandemic: Health Care for Members of the Organization Young-dae Kwon, Professor at Catholic University College of Medicine
June 16th Graduation Ceremony -