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Institute for Future Public Health was founded to forecast potential health risk factors, future health status, future health policy reflects social transition, and health promotion. We investigate current health problems with adopting environmental changes and predict future health problems and the development of health policies.

Institution Agenda

Research for potential health risk factors
  • Build & Link of Big Data environment to forecast potential health risk factors and health status
  • Methodology development to predict health related risk factor
Research for future health status
  • Methodological approach to predict health status
  • Future health status study based on risk factors
  • Development of personalized healthcare model for health promotion.
Research for future health policy reflects social/environmental transition
  • Deal with a communicable disease monitoring system, re/emerging communicable disease prevention, public health hazards
  • IT infrastructure research for future health value enhancement; 3) Sustainable healthcare funding strategy.
  • Workshops
  • Methodology and Big Data manual development-supply on the institute level.
Related research symposium reinforcement and globalization
  • Symposium
  • Collaborative research
  • Global cooperation